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Self Loading Stacker For Sale

JG offers 1.5T high quality electric pallet jack (2Ton - 3Ton) for sale.We are professional manufacturer of electric Pallet Trucks. Contact us now and place your order.
  • FESLS-500

  • JG Forklift

  • 24V

  • 1175/1200 mm

  • 580/626 mm

  • 190 mm

  • 60/70 mm

  • customizable

  • 500/700/1000 KG

  • 1

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Product Description

Full Electric Self Loading Stacker Description:

 A kind of mechanical equipment that travels with the vehicle and completes the loading and unloading of goods. It belongs to material handling machinery. Compared with ordinary cargo handling machinery (such as ordinary forklifts), the biggest feature of a truck-mounted forklift is that it can be placed on a transport vehicle and complete material loading and unloading operations at any time during the entire transportation process. It is especially suitable for material loading and unloading operations in places where there is no special loading and unloading equipment.

Full Electric Self Loading Stacker Key Features:

1. It can transport vehicles (trucks) up and down by itself, so it can effectively replace car tailgates, floor bulls, and stackers. It is a combination of these three products.

2. Compact design, easy to carry in the car.

3. Double linkage cylinder assembly, piston rod moves in both directions.

4. Maintenance-free battery, green and pollution-free.

5. Explosion-proof valve design makes the descent more stable and reliable.

6. Over-discharge protection extends battery life.

1. Full Electric Self Loading Stacker Specifications:

Loading capacity: 500kg,700kg, 1000kg is optional.

Liting height is 800mm-1600mm.At max liting height,the loading is no reduce.

Semi electric type self liting stacker,the liting and lowering speed is adjustable, according to the users' needs.

Steering chain aillary device.

Over discharge protection, ectending battery life.

Sealed batteries free of maintenance,safe operation and no pollution.

Explosion-proof valve design, down more stable and reliable.

700kg model adds the design of the armrest to failitate the liting of the cargo.

Add the design of the guide rail, makes pushing and pulling the goods more labor-saving and convenient.

Optional: 1000kg loading capacity; lthium battery; full electric type; fast charging device; car charging device

2.Self Loading Full Electric Stacker Performance:

JG Self Loading Lifting Portable Forklift effortlessly handle the task of moving pallets within your warehouse or distribution center. Designed to cater to various industries and applications, this reliable workhorse is available in multiple models. All of these models share key advantages such as low rolling resistance, low noise levels, and ergonomic design features like large handgrips. With comprehensive warranties that cover hydraulic pumps, frames, chassis, and wearable components, you can trust in the durability and longevity of these Self Loading Stacker

Self Loading Stacker-8 Portable  Stacker Su ppliers
Self Loading Stacker-7 Self Loading Stacker  Manufacturers
Self Loading Stacker-9 wholesale  Electric Stacker
Self Loading Stacker-10 portable Self Loading Stacker


  • Portable Self Loading Stacker  Features

Quality, Durability, & Value

JiangGe's electric Pallet Jack provides operators with optimal advantages to increase productivity. These benefits include:

Self Loading Stacker can transport vehicles up and down by themselves. They have good adaptability and can adapt to the loading and unloading operations of most sites and goods. They are widely used in logistics loading and unloading, warehousing transfers, workshop logistics, supermarket shipping, etc. Especially when loading and unloading goods temporarily during logistics transportation, and when there is a lack of loading and unloading equipment for cargo loading and unloading,full electric self loading stacker have become the preferred equipment.

  • Durable Construction

  • Roll-Formed Steel Frame

  • One-Piece Hydraulic Pump

  • Heavy Duty Ball-Type Thrust Bearing

  • Ergonomic Grip

Recommended Industries

General Warehouse General Manufacturing Cold Storage Food Storage Beverage Retail

Quality Guarantee

1-year parts warranty on genuine JiangGe parts, such as power pack, motors (wearing parts are excluded, tires etc)

4 hour guaranteed emergency response time


Parameters Of Full Electric Self Loading Stacke


PerformanceMaximum load capacitykg500/700500/700500/700500/700500/700500/700500500100010001000100010001000700700
Load centermm450450450450450450450450450450450450450450450450
Weight (with battery)kg310/320313/325319/330325/340330/345327/342349357379383391400409413420428
Maximum lifting heightmm800900110013001500160017001800800900110013001500160017001800
Lifting speed (without load)mm/s1401401401401401401401406565656565656565
Lifting speed (with load)mm/s1351351351351351351351353535353535353535
Lowered speed (without load)mm/s1401401401401401401401406565656565656565
Lowered speed (with load)mm/s1451451451451451451451453535353535353535
DimensionsOverall length of framemm1660166016601660166016601660166016601660166016601660166016601660
Overall width of framemm878878878878878878878878885885885885885885885885
Mast lowered heightmm1106120614061606180619062056215611561256145616561856195620562156
Max height(mast lifted with backrestmm2352245226522852305231523252335223852485268528853085318532853385
Fork lengthmm1175117511751175117511751175117512001200120012001200120012001200
Fork outside widthmm580580580580580580580580626626626626626626626626
Fork inside widthmm190190190190190190190190236236236236236236236236
Fork thicknessmm60606060606060607070707070707070
width of theoretical  minimum  aisle for right-angle  stacking (1200x1000)mm1500150015001500150015001500150012501250125012501250125012501250
Min ground heightmm20202020202020203232323232323232
Fork lowered heightmm90909090909090907070707070707070
Minimum turning radiusmm1200120012001200120012001200120013001300130013001300130013001300
TireFront wheelmm80*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5080*5180*5180*51

Hoist motor typeDC
Rated outputkw0.
BatteryBattery type
Lithium battery

Lithium battery


Electric Pallet truck Manufacturer & Supplier

Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturer & Supplier

Self Loading Stacker Manufacturer

Hand Pallet Truck Supplier

Electric Stacker Supplier

JG forklift manufacturer

JG forklift manufacturer - JG

JG forklift--

JG forklift manufacturer -

Self Loading Lifting Portable Forklift delivered:

electric stacker Packing --- JG_


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company ?

A: We are a factory with 15-year history of making material handling equipment.

Q:How long is the warranty of your products?

A: We provide one-year quality guarantee.

Q:What payment terms do you accept?

A: We accept payment by T/T or L/C or Ali Trade Assurance.

Q: What’s the delivery time?

A: For stock products, delivery will be made in 7-10 days after payment is received. As for products not available in stock, delivery will be made in 20-25 days.

Q:Can you customize the configurations /logo / label /color according to our requests?


Q:Is OEM & ODM available?


We can make the product according to your design.

We can provide customized solutions according to your requirements.

Q: What’s the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

A:The MOQ is 1 unit for most of the products. For very small handling equipment, we can check case by case.

Q:Can we become your distributor of JG forklift brand in our market?

A:Yes. You can.

We are looking for distributors all over the world now. Please contact us for further discussion.




Whatever material handling equipment you need, we’re ready to provide our perspective, expertise, and solutions to help you move forward.
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