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What Are Critical Spare Parts?

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Understanding the Significance of Critical Spare Parts

Inventory management can be a challenging task for businesses, especially when it comes

to storing a large number of spare parts. The allocation of budget and physical storage space 

becomes a concern. Imagine a situation where your forklift breaks dowbut you don't have the critical 

spare part needed to fix it. This can lead to unnecessary downtime and potentially high freight costs 

if you have to urgently ship the parts.

To avoid such predicaments, it is crucial to identify which forklift parts are considered critical and which are not. 

Here are some questions to help you determine the criticality of spare parts:

1. Which parts do you frequently purchase?

If you own multiple forklifts, consider the parts that have been consistently replaced in recent years. 

These parts should be prioritized and kept in your on-site inventory.

2. How urgently do you need a particular part when your forklift malfunctions?

If immediate availability is essential, then it qualifies as a critical part. However, 

if you have backup forklifts or alternative means to cover the downtime, the part may not be deemed critical.

3. Will your business operations be significantly impacted or delayed without the specific part?

If the answer is yes, it is undoubtedly a critical part that should be included in your inventory.

4. How long will it take to receive a part if you place an order?

Research the inventory of your local forklifts dealer to determine which parts they have readily available and which ones need to be ordered. 

This information will help you estimate the lead time for obtaining the required part.

5. If a part needs repair, how long does it usually take for your dealership to complete the repair and return it? 

Contact your dealer to gather average repair times for the parts you have identified as critical.

Having a backup plan is essential in maintaining efficient operations. Keep the contact information of your local forklifts dealer readily accessible. 

Establish a relationship with them before the need for parts arises so that you know whom to contact in case of an emergency.

If space constraints prevent you from stocking a large inventory of spare parts, collaborate with your dealership to ensure they 

have the critical parts readily available for your organization.

Maintain a prominently displayed list of critical parts, so your technicians are aware of the necessary steps to procure them when needed.

In the event of a prolonged downtime, inquire whether your dealer can provide a loaner to minimize disruptions to your operations.

By being proactive and identifying the critical parts in advance, your business can save both time and money, ultimately leading to smoother operations.



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