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Optimizing Forklift Selection for Expanding Fleets

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Optimizing Forklift Selection for Expanding Fleets

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Congratulations! Your company is experiencing growth, with an expanding warehouse and increasing daily orders. However, this exciting phase also means investing in the right material handling equipment, which can be a bit challenging. 

With a wide array of options available, it's essential to align your expanding business needs with the ideal forklift for your fleet. Don't worry; we've got some helpful hints to ensure you make the right choice!


Forklift Fleet Expansion

Start by Inspecting Your Warehouse

The first step in expanding your fleet is to assess the changing needs of your warehouse. Are you looking to stack items higher? If so, consider industrial equipment suitable for the task.

Alternatively, if most of your products are moved along the ground, you may need to enhance the moving speed. These considerations are pivotal when choosing the perfect forklift. 

Also, take a look at your racking and identify areas where specialized equipment can be of assistance, especially in hard-to-reach places. Lastly, ensure your aisle widths are adequate for the forklift's operation. 

Having a good understanding of calculating forklift aisle width minimums will optimize your warehouse space.


Know Your Product


Expanding into new product lines or supporting increased production requires a clear understanding of your new requirements. 

Ensuring growth in all areas of your business depends on having a forklift with sufficient capacity and features to handle your products effectively. 

At JiangGe, we offer forklifts of various sizes, ranging from hand pallet jacks to internal combustion forklifts. Our sales department can assist you in determining the right forklift based on your lifting capacity and load center needs.


Understand Operator Needs


Acquiring a forklift is a significant investment, and its usage will largely fall on your team of operators. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully consider all available options and accessories that come with the forklift. 

At JiangGe, we offer different types of accessories that prioritize ergonomics, ensuring operators can work safely and efficiently, even during long days.


While there may be other factors to consider, choosing a forklift during times of expansion shouldn't be an impulsive decision. It's essential to scale up your forklift fleet in a manner that aligns with the specific needs of your business. 

Take your time and double-check that the forklift you select will truly help your business thrive.


Not sure where to start? Our experienced sales team at JiangGe is here to help you find the best solution for both your fleet and warehouse expansion.

 Discover the complete range of JiangGe Full Solution Provider offerings today! Let's work together to fuel your business growth.



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