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Electric Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck With Steering-Wheel

Are you looking for electric stand-up rider reach truck with steering-wheel for sale? JG is an electric stand-up rider reach truck manufacturer & supplier with fast delivery and good service.
  • RTES10/15/20SW

  • JG

  • 1000 (2200) / 1500 (3300) / 2000 (4400) kg (lb)

  • 3000 (118.00) / 3000 (118.00) / 3000 (118.00) mm (in.)

  • 24V / 280Ah

  • Custom

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Product Description

Electric Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck With Steering-Wheel Description

Reach Truck (Stand-Up Rider)

JG's Reach Truck, specifically the Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck, sets a new standard for efficiency and performance. With its innovative features and the renowned productivity, ergonomic Reach Truck, and cost-effectiveness associated with JiangGe, this Reach Truck surpasses expectations. It ensures optimal visibility when accessing second-level pallet positions, allowing for precise load handling even at maximum lift heights due to its rigid mast construction. Whether you're moving from dock-to-stock, stock-to-dock, or navigating any other task in between, this reach truck empowers you to reach higher, work smarter, and maintain comfortable productivity throughout your operations.

Electric Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck

Standing-driving reach forklift truck

Reach Truck (Stand-Up Rider)


Electric Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck 


Electric Reach Truck Manufacturer

Key Features

  • Load Capacity up to 2,000 KG

  • Lift heights up to 6,000 MM

  • Integral forged fork arms

Specifications Performance Options / Accessories Quality Guarantee How to Buy

1. Specifications

Reach Truck Specifications

Load Capacity   Lift Height       Power System

1,000 - 2,000    1,600 - 3,000    24V/280Ah

(KG)                   (MM)               (Maintenance Free)

2. Performance

Extend Your Reach

Elevate your operations to new heights with JiangGe's versatile Reach Truck, specifically the Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck. Featuring powerfully efficient AC Drive and Lift Motors, this Reach Truck delivers exceptional acceleration, travel, and lift/lower speeds, ensuring maximum throughput while minimizing downtime. Its intelligent Reach Truck empowers operators to confidently complete tasks, shift after shift. With optimal visibility for accessing second-level pallet positions and rigid mast construction to minimize mast sway, this reach truck enables precise load handling even at maximum lift heights. Experience the difference in performance and efficiency with JiangGe's Reach Truck.


Parameters of Electric Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck With Steering-Wheel

GENERAL DATA Operator Position
Stand-Up Rider Stand-Up Rider Stand-Up Rider

Control Type
Steering Wheel Steering Wheel Steering Wheel

Load Capacity kg (lb) 1000 (2200) 1500 (3300) 2000 (4400)

Lift Height mm (in.) 3000 (118.00) 3000 (118.00) 3000 (118.00)

Load Center mm (in.) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68)
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS Mast Extended Height mm (in.) 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500 (62.99/78.74/98.42/118/135.79)

Overall Height (Fork Lowest) mm (in.) 2100/1600/1900/2100/2350 (82.67/62.99/74.8/82.67/92.51)

Fork Size (LxWxT) mm (in.) 1070x100x40 (42x3.9x1.57) 1070x100x40 (42x3.9x1.57) 1070x100x40 (42x3.9x1.57)

Overhead Guard Height mm (in.) 2200 (86.61) 2200 (86.61) 2200 (86.61)

Reach Stroke mm (in.) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68)

Turning Radius mm (in.) 1600 (62.99) 1600 (62.99) 1800 (70.86)

Under Clearance mm (in.) 45 (1.77) 45 (1.77) 45 (1.77)

Gross Weight (Without Battery) kg (lb) 2000 (4409) 2100 (4629) 2200 (4850)

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) mm (in.) 2370x1020x2200 (93.3x40.15x86.6) 2370x1020x2200 (93.3x40.15x86.6) 2370x1020x2200 (93.3x40.15x86.6)
PERFORMANCE DATA Tilt Range (Forward/Backward) degrees 3.0/6.0 3.0/6.0 3.0/6.0

Traction Gradient (Full Load) degrees 5 5 5

Max. Travel Speed (Full Load) km/h 4.4 4.4 4.4
POWER SYSTEM Electric Motors - Drive kw 1.2 1.2 1.5

Electric Motors - Load Handling kw 4.5 4.5 4.5

Speed Control
Stepless Speed Regulation Stepless Speed Regulation Stepless Speed  Regulation

Power Type (Storage Battery) Battery Voltage 24V / 280Ah 24V / 280Ah 24V / 280Ah

Reference Working Time hour 6 6 6

The company reserves the right to modify the materials and technical parameters. Please confirm before placing an order.


Electric Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck With Steering-Wheel Video


Reach Truck Features

Built to Your Specifications

JiangGe's Reach Truck, the Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck, offers a wide range of options and customizable Reach Truck capabilities to cater to your specific requirements. With nearly limitless possibilities, this Reach Truck can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. Whether you need additional lights, alarms, specific fork types, attachments, or other accessories, JiangGe provides the flexibility to configure the truck with productivity-enhancing features that align with your unique material handling needs. Experience the versatility and customization options of JiangGe's Reach Truck, Reach Trucked to optimize your operations.

Taking a Stance

JiangGe's Reach Truck, the Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck, provides versatile solutions tailored to overcome the specific challenges of your warehouse operations. Whether you need to work on docks, navigate narrow aisles, or stack materials at high lift heights, this Reach Truck is Reach Trucked to excel in these environments. With its adaptable features and functionality, JiangGe's Reach Truck offers the versatility you need to tackle and conquer the unique challenges present in your warehouse.

Front Stance:

Operator faces directly towards the direction of travel and load handling

Side Stance:

Operator stands parallel to the direction of travel

Quality, Durability, & Value

The JiangGe Reach Truck, specifically the Stand-Up Rider Reach Truck, is equipped with a reliable 24-volt electrical system, complemented by an efficient AC Drive and lift system. The rigid mast construction of this Reach Truck significantly reduces mast sway, ensuring precise load handling even at maximum lift heights. Additionally, an inertial dampener is integrated to minimize mast sway during right angle stacking at high lift heights, offering exceptional control and reducing the risk of product and racking damage. With these features, JiangGe's Reach Truck guarantees optimal performance and enhanced safety during material handling operations.

Recommended Industries

General Warehouse General Manufacturing Cold Storage Food Storage Freight Retail

3. Options / Accessories

Popular Reach Truck Accessories

Make the most of your Reach Truck by considering additional options and accessories. A JiangGe Forklift can be customized to meet your operational needs. Ask a salesperson for advice can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company’s biggest material handling challenges.

4. Quality Guarantee

1-year parts warranty on genuine JiangGe parts, such as power pack, motors (wearing parts are excluded, tires etc)

4 hour guaranteed emergency response time


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company ?

A: We are a factory with 15-year history of making material handling equipment.

Q:How long is the warranty of your products?

A: We provide one-year quality guarantee.

Q:What payment terms do you accept?

A: We accept payment by T/T or L/C or Ali Trade Assurance.

Q: What’s the delivery time?

A: For stock products, delivery will be made in 7-10 days after payment is received. As for products not available in stock, delivery will be made in 20-25 days.

Q:Can you customize the configurations /logo / label /color according to our requests?


Q:Is OEM & ODM available?


We can make the product according to your design.

We can provide customized solutions according to your requirements.

Q: What’s the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

A:The MOQ is 1 unit for most of the products. For very small handling equipment, we can check case by case.

Q:Can we become your distributor of JG forklift brand in our market?

A:Yes. You can.

We are looking for distributors all over the world now. Please contact us for further discussion.




Whatever material handling equipment you need, we’re ready to provide our perspective, expertise, and solutions to help you move forward.
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