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Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker

JG offers high quality electric pallet stackers for sale.We are professional manufacturer of electric pallet stackers. Contact us now and place your order.
  • PSS10/15/20

  • JG Forklift

  • 1000 (2200) / 1500 (3300) / 2000 (4400) kg (lb)

  • 2100/1600/1900/2100/2350 (82.67/62.99/74.8/82.67/92.51) mm (in.)

  • Custom

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Product Description

Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker Overview

Get the equipment that matches your hard work and keeps your operation running smoothly. The Semi-Electric Walkie Stacker is the perfect solution, offering versatility, accessibility, and load stability. With a lifting capacity ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 KG and a maximum lift height of 3,500 mm, this stacker exceeds expectations for indoor efficiency. Designed for light-duty applications, it excels in maneuverability even in narrow aisles, providing the flexibility you need for easy and efficient material transportation.

Electric Reach Truck Key Features

  • Load Capacity up to 2,000 KG

  • Lift heights up to 2,350 MM

  • Integral forged fork arms

Specifications Performance Options / Accessories Quality Guarantee How to Buy

1. Specifications

Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker Specifications

Load Capacity   Lift Height        Power System

1,000 - 2,000    1,600 - 3,500    12V/120**Ah

(KG)                  (MM)                (Optional Choice)

2. Performance

Experience exceptional maneuverability and control with the Semi Electric Pallet Stacker. Designed to navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces effortlessly, this stacker offers optimal comfort and precision. With its intuitive button controls, you can execute any move with ease. The electric lift and lower controls enable quick and efficient handling of loads. Equipped with ergonomically angled hand grips, fingertip controls, and directional thumb wheels, operating the stacker is a breeze without compromising productivity. Plus, the adjustable baselegs provide added stability, allowing you to handle various load sizes with confidence.

 Semi Electric Pallet Stacker

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker


Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Caster Wheel


Semi Electric Pallet Stacker On-Off


Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Link Chain


Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Pallet Fork


Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker Features

Operator Comfort

Navigate tight aisles and compact spaces with optimal comfort. Move loads with easy-to-reach controls including lift and lower buttons and directional thumb wheels.

Key Safety Features

Effortlessly maneuver through narrow aisles and compact spaces while enjoying maximum comfort. The Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker puts you in control with its conveniently placed controls by lifting handle. With these intuitive controls at your fingertips, you can smoothly move and position loads with precision. Whether you need to lift or lower the load, the process is simple and efficient. Say goodbye to the hassle of tight spaces and hello to effortless navigation and control.

Recommended Industries

General Warehouse General Manufacturing Beverage Retail

3. Options / Accessories

Popular Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker Accessories

Make the most of your Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker by considering additional options and accessories. A JiangGe Forklift can be customized to meet your operational needs. Ask a salesperson for advice can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company’s biggest material handling challenges.

4. Quality Guarantee

1-year parts warranty on genuine JiangGe parts, such as power pack, motors (wearing parts are excluded, tires etc)

4 hour guaranteed emergency response time


Parameters Of Semi Electric Pallet Stacker

Model PSS10 PSS15 PSS20
GENERAL DATA Operator Position
Walkie Walkie Walkie

Control Type
Hand Push Hand Push Hand Push

Load Capacity kg (lb) 1000 (2200) 1500 (3300) 2000 (4400)

Lift Height mm (in.) 2100/1600/1900/2100/2350 (82.67/62.99/74.8/82.67/92.51)

Load Center mm (in.) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68)
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS Mast Extended Height mm (in.) 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500 (62.99/78.74/98.42/118/135.79)

Fork Size (Lx WxT) mm (in.) 1100x170x60 (43.3x6.69x2.36) 1100x170x60 (43.3x6.69x2.36) 1100x170x60 (43.3x6.69x2.36)

Fork Spread mm (in.) 650 (25.59) 650 (25.59) 650 (25.59)

Inner Width Btw Support Legs mm (in.) 335 (13.18) 335 (13.18) 335 (13.18)

Turning Radius mm (in.) 1350 (53.14) 1350 (53.14) 1350 (53.14)

Under Clearance mm (in.) 90 (3.54) 90 (3.54) 90 (3.54)

Gross Weight (Without Battery) kg (lb) 410 (903) 420 (925) 450 (992)

Overall Length mm (in.) 1880 (74.01) 1880 (74.01) 1880 (74.01)

Overall Width mm (in.) 800 (31.49) 800 (31.49) 800 (31.49)
PERFORMANCE DATA Travel Speed (Full Load / No Load) km/h 4.0/5.0 4.0/5.0 4.0/5.0

Lifting Speed (Full Load / No Load) mm/s 80/130 80/130 80/130

Gradability (Full Load / No Load) % 4/10 4/10 4/10
POWER SYSTEM Electric Motors - Load Handling kw 2.2 2.2 2.2

Power Type (Storage Battery) Battery Voltage 12V / 120Ah 12V / 120Ah 12V / 120Ah

Industry Application

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker can be used in vertical warehouses

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker can be used in vertical warehouses

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker can be used for airport freight

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker can be used for airport freight

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker can be used in vertical warehouses

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker can be used in docks and harbors.


Electric Reach Truck Manufacturer & Supplier

Electric Stacker Truck Manufacturer

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

Electric Stacker Truck Manufacturer & Supplier

Semi Electric Pallet Stacker Supplier

JG forklift manufacturer

JG forklift factory

JG forklift manufacturer - JG

JG forklift manufacturer

JG forklift factory

JG forklift--


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company ?

A: We are a factory with 15-year history of making material handling equipment.

Q:How long is the warranty of your products?

A: We provide one-year quality guarantee.

Q:What payment terms do you accept?

A: We accept payment by T/T or L/C or Ali Trade Assurance.

Q: What’s the delivery time?

A: For stock products, delivery will be made in 7-10 days after payment is received. As for products not available in stock, delivery will be made in 20-25 days.

Q:Can you customize the configurations /logo / label /color according to our requests?


Q:Is OEM & ODM available?


We can make the product according to your design.

We can provide customized solutions according to your requirements.

Q: What’s the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

A:The MOQ is 1 unit for most of the products. For very small handling equipment, we can check case by case.

Q:Can we become your distributor of JG forklift brand in our market?

A:Yes. You can.

We are looking for distributors all over the world now. Please contact us for further discussion.




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