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450kg 18meters Lift Platform JGPT0612

Looking for lift/lifting platforms? We recommend JG lift platforms. We are professional manufacturer of lift platforms. Contact us and place your order. 
  • JGPT0612

  • JG

  • 18m

  • 4x6V / 230Ah

  • 450 KG

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Product Description

Lift Platform Overview

The versatile JiangGe Lifting Platforms are designed to serve various industries, including facilities maintenance, construction, plumbing, painting, and more. These Liftings are compact enough to pass through standard doorways, making them highly maneuverable in different environments. With working heights ranging from 4.5 to 13.7 meter, the JiangGe Lifting Platform provide the necessary elevation to tackle a wide range of tasks efficiently.

Lift Platform Key Features

  • 6,000 MM Working Heights

  • 24V AC Drive System

  • 0-2200 MM Turning Radius

Lifting Platform - JGPT0408

1. Specifications

  • Lift Platform Specifications

  • Platform Capacity   Lift Height   Power System

  • 450                          6,000           24V/230Ah

  • (KG)                        (MM)            (Optional Choice)

Lifting Platform
Lift Platform JGPT0408
Lifting Platform - JG
Lift Platform JGPT0408

2. Performance

Advanced Performance

The JiangGe Lift Platforms are designed for durability and user-friendly operation. Packed with features, these lifts are built to overcome your specific challenges and maximize your team's productivity. With meticulous engineering and adaptability, these electric scissor lifts provide a reliable and versatile lifting solution. Equipped with an efficient AC Drive Motor and sturdy construction, the JiangGe Lift Platform is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Lift Platform Features

Roll-Out Platform Extension Deck

Roll-out platform extension deck is a standard feature that greatly enhances the reach and versatility of all JiangGe Lift Platform models. With a minimum extension of 600 mm and up to 900 mm of additional reach on larger models, this feature allows operators to easily access and work across objects or obstacles. The extension platform is designed for ease of use, with user-friendly handles that securely lock into place, ensuring safe and controlled operation. Experience the convenience and expanded working space provided by the roll-out platform extension deck for improved productivity and efficiency on any project.

High Access & Safe Operation

The JiangGe Lift Platform is designed with operator confidence in mind. With features like an anti-rollback function and speed reduction when the work platform is elevated, JiangGe prioritizes operator safety and risk reduction. The pothole protection system enhances stability while the operator is on the working platform. Furthermore, these machines are equipped with essential safety features such as a travel alarm, horn, and excellent visibility to ensure a safe working environment in various conditions. Trust JiangGe to deliver a scissor lift that prioritizes operator safety and provides peace of mind during operation.

Access to Interior Areas

Introducing the JGPT0408 model, the compact and agile JiangGe Lift Platform designed to effortlessly navigate through standard doorways measuring 2000mm x 900mm. With its fixed guardrails, this model becomes an invaluable asset for all your facility maintenance requirements. The larger models come equipped with convenient fold-down guardrails, allowing for easy adaptation to your workspace. The detachable control box and cable are thoughtfully designed to provide added flexibility and convenience. Trust AICHI to deliver a scissor lift that seamlessly adapts to your specific working environment, providing exceptional functionality and efficiency.


Lift Platform Parameters

Model JGPT0612
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Overall Length mm (ft.) 2485 (97.83)

Overall Width mm (in.) 1210 (47.63)

Overall Height mm (in.) 2235 (87.99)

Overall Height with Fold-down
Guardrails Folded
mm (in.) 1680 (66.14)

Vehicle Weight kg (lb) 2070 (4563)

Turning Radius (Inner Tire) mm (in.) 0

Turning Radius (Outer Tire) mm (in.) 2200 (86.61)

Ground Clearance - Lowered mm (in.) 100 (3.93)

Ground Clearance - Elevated mm (in.) 19 (0.74)

Wheelbase mm (in.) 1865 (73.42)

Tire Size (Diameter x Width) mm (in.) 381x127 (15x5)
PLATFORM Platform Capacity kg (lb) 450 (992)

Platform Extension Capacity kg (lb) 113 (249)

Platform Lift Height mm (in.) 6000 (236.22)

Platform Working Height mm (in.) 8000 (314.96)

Platform Length mm (in.) 2270 (89.37)

Platform Width mm (in.) 1110 (43.70)

Platform Extension Length mm (in.) 900 (35.43)
Hydraulic Drive

Electric Motors - Elevated kw 4.5

Max Travel Speed - Lowered km/h 3

Max Travel Speed - Elevated km/h 0.8

Gradeability % 25%

Power Type (Storage Battery) Battery Voltage 4x6V / 230Ah

Battery Charger
24V / 30A


Lift Platform Manufacturer & Supplier

Lifting Platform factory - JG

Lifting Platform factory

Lifting Platform Supplier - JG

Lifting Platform Supplier - JG

Lifting Platform Manufacturer - JG

Lifting Platform Manufacturer - JG

Lifting Platform manufacturer

Lifting Platform manufacturer




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