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Multi-directional Reach Truck

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I'm excited to introduce a remarkable forklift – the multidirectional reach truck. It's like no other because it can move sideways, just like a crab. Imagine, no need to turn, 

only smooth left and right, forward and backward motion. Some folks also call it a side loader or combilift. 

This type of forklift is a star when it comes to places with tight spaces and wide loads, often found in environments with narrow aisles.

Let's jump into the havey load or long material or narrow aisles handling. Picture this: you've got big, hefty stuff to handle, 

and you need to do it efficiently. That's where the magic of multidirectional reach trucks comes in, transforming how things work by being adaptable and quick.

The Arrival of Multidirectional Reach Trucks

Traditionally, dealing with large, heavy items in spots like lumber yards was a job for regular forklifts. But those forklifts had their limits – they couldn't squeeze through tight spots or handle those big loads. 

That's when the call for a smarter solution was answered by multidirectional reach trucks – the real heroes of the story.

The Cool Benefits of Multidirectional Reach Trucks

Imagine a truck that doesn't just go front and back but walks sideways. That's the special trick these trucks have up their sleeves. 

They glide effortlessly through narrow spots, avoiding bumps and scrapes, making safety a top priority.

Need to make the most of your space? No problem. Our multidirectional reach truck is like a space wizard. It can zip through tight aisles while carrying wide loads, 

making every inch count. Imagine turning a crowded space into an organized oasis – that's the kind of magic this truck delivers.

Ready to supercharge your efficiency? Multidirectional reach trucks save time on constant repositioning. 

They're like the express lane to getting things done, swiftly moving materials where they're needed, making your work smoother and faster.

Dealing with heavy loads? We've got you covered. Lumber yards and material-heavy areas need muscle. 

Our reach trucks are up for the challenge, lifting and moving hefty loads safely and efficiently, preserving your cargo and your time.

And speaking of safety, these trucks are like graceful dancers. They move with precision, reducing the risk of accidents and damage. 

That means fewer bumps, less cost, and your materials arrive safe and sound.


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Multidirectional Reach Truck

Model RTEM10 RTEM15 RTEM20
GENERAL DATA Operator Position
Stand-Up/Sit-Down Rider Stand-Up/Sit-Down Rider Stand-Up/Sit-Down Rider

Control Type
Steering Wheel Steering Wheel Steering Wheel

Load Capacity kg (lb) 1000 (2200) 1500 (3300) 2000 (4400)

Lift Height mm (in.) 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500/4000/4500/5500/6000/7000/8000(62.99/78.74/98.42/118/135.79/157.48/177.16/216.54/236.22/275.59/314.96)

Load Center mm (in.) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68) 600 (23.62)
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS Mast Extended Height mm (in.) 2100/1600/1850/2100/2350/2250/2500/2650/3000/3300 (82.67/62.99/72.83/82.67/92.51/88.58/98.42/104.33/118.11/129.92)

Fork Size (LxWxT) mm (in.) 1070x100x35 (42.1x3.9x1.37) 1070x100x40 (42.1x3.9x1.57) 1070x120x40 (42.1x4.72x1.57)

Fork Spread mm (in.) 80 (3.14) 80 (3.14) 80 (3.14)

Reach Stroke mm (in.) 500 (19.68) 500 (19.68) 600 (23.62)

Turning Radius mm (in.) 1600 (62.99) 1800 (70.86) 1800 (70.86)

Under Clearance mm (in.) 85 (3.34) 85 (3.34) 85 (3.34)

Wheelbase mm (in.) 1465/1465/1700 (57.67/57.67/66.92)

Gross Weight (With Battery) kg (lb) 2800 (6172) 3000 (6613) 3300 (7275)

Overall Length mm (in.) 2370 (93.30) 2470 (97.24) 2570 (101.18)

Overall Width mm (in.) 1320/1480 (51.96/58.26) 1320/1480 (51.96/58.26) 1480 (58.26)
PERFORMANCE DATA Travel Speed (Full Load / No Load) km/h 4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5

Lifting Speed (Full Load / No Load) mm/s 90/150 90/150 90/150

Lowering Speed (Full Load / No Load) mm/s 220/115 220/115 220/115

Gradability (Full Load / No Load) % 3/5 3/5 3/5
POWER SYSTEM Electric Motors - Drive kw 1.5 2.5 2.5

Electric Motors - Load Handling kw 4.5 4.5 4.5

Power Type (Storage Battery) Battery Voltage 24V / 280Ah 24V / 280Ah 24V / 280Ah
TIRES Polyurethane Drive (Front) mm (in.) 230x80 (9.05x3.14) 230x80 (9.05x3.14) 230x80 (9.05x3.14)

Caster mm (in.) 125x50 (4.92x1.96) 125x50 (4.92x1.96) 125x50 (4.92x1.96)

miti-direction -1

Multidirectional reach truck 3



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